Understanding the Tougher Part of Eradicating the Head Louse Eggs

Many parents have experienced their school going children returning from school with a head full of head lice, scratching their heads all the way and making the parents also to scratch their head in search of an effective cure. Further, even before you could look for a cure and apply it, many other family members would have got few head lice on their heads from these children. Yes, the head lice spread fast in a closed group without your being aware of it. Further, the head lice multiplies very fast and your children will have enough of them in no time to make them crazy.


Any adult fully grown female head louse can lay around 50 eggs or nits in a day and as the female head louse can live for at least 30 days, the total eggs laid will be phenomenal in number. You can imagine the adversity of the situation if all these eggs hatch in another one-week’s time and hence you must resort to treatment at the initial infestation stage itself.

You can identify whether your children have been infested with head lice problem or not by simply observing their behaviour. Infected children will scratch their heads often and in different areas at different points of time indicating movement of adult head louse within the hair.

Head Louse Egg, a Hard Nut to Crack

The moment you identify that your child has been infected with head lice, then you should take immediate steps to contain the problem and to eradicate it totally. You can use any of the chemical based shampoos or herbal based preparations that can effectively kill the grown-up head lice and the younger nymphs.

However, the unhatched eggs or the nits remain unaffected by these medications and they continue to stay attached on the hair strands waiting for their time to hatch. Hence, it is a must that you repeat the treatment process within the next 7 days so as to kill the newly hatched younger nymphs also. Alternatively, you can also try to physically remove the unhatched eggs using a finer head louse comb or through manual removal.

Still it is not the end of your head lice problem, as any left out unhatched nits may hatch subsequently and start growing and reproducing their off springs to bring back a huge population of head lice once again.

Getting rid of head lice is easy but it is not easy when it comes to eradicating the eggs. A regular use of head louse comb and physical removal of eggs individually have to be resorted to for a long time on a continuous basis to get rid of the eggs totally. Picking the eggs individually can also be very time consuming and at the same time it may even result in hair strands coming out of scalp due to pulling.

Though the job of getting rid of head lice eggs is a frustrating one, you do not have any other option other than enduring the process for effective removal of head lice menace from your head or form your child’s head.



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