Preventative Measures for Your Head Louse Problem

Of all the people, children are the most affected lots by head lice menace for the main reason of their frequent mingling in groups and their habit of sharing their combs and hairbrushes. Presence of head lice though not an indication of any underlying disease, but it is an irritating experience for sure.


When it comes to treating head lice problem, the same old adage “prevention is better than cure” will still holds good as in any other problem. Hence, carefully selected preventive care can help you in avoiding head lice infestation in the first stage, and you can resort to curative treatments in case of head lice catching you unexpectedly.

How to Prevent?

As said earlier, preventing head lice before it could affect you or your child is the best method. Children are much prone to head lice menace due to their frequent mingling in their class rooms and other social places and hence you can keep a watch over any presence of hair lice on your child’s head at frequent intervals. Educate your child about head lice menace and how it can spread through shared combs and hairbrushes. Further, you can also create awareness towards the importance of preventive care and prevent your child from being one of the persons instrumental in spreading the menace.

Head lice spread fast through physical contacts and through secondary sources such as shared combs, barrettes, bed linen, hats, etc. Hence you should take care to clean and disinfect these items individually and separately. You can also stress the importance of maintaining cleanliness with which one can have an effective control over head lice menace.

Various Options of Head Louse Treatment

Once you identify your child with head lice infestation, then you can use any one of the popular head lice treatment shampoos or lotions that are available in market aplenty. Since these medicated shampoos are little toxic in nature, you must use them with caution and only in case of utmost necessity. First ascertain whether your child has really been infected with head lice menace, and only in an affirmative case, you should use the treatment methods.

Presence of head lice can be known by observing the behaviour of the children, as they will be scratching their scalp very often and at different places at different points of time indicating movement of head louse over the head. When you open your child’s hair with the help of a comb, you can see few adult head lice and many white dandruff like materials which are head lice eggs and they stay attached to hair strands securely.

If your child has not been treated for any head lice problem earlier, then as a first time measure you can use the medicated or the insecticidal shampoos to get rid of the head lice population in one go. However, the nits or the eggs will continue unhindered, as these shampoos are not effective against nits, hence you may have to resort to other methods to get rid of nits, and you can also use the insecticidal shampoo after one week so as to kill the newly hatched nymphs.

Our Ancestor’s Choice of Combing

Right from olden days, our ancestors have laid faith on one particular mechanical removal of head lice and nits by using specialized fine toothed combs called lice combs. These lice combs come with unique grooves that can catch head lice and nits and kill them effectively as you comb your hair. When you analyze the structure of the comb you will appreciate the ingenuity of the inventor in making the grooves, the blunt ends to avoid injury to your scalp, etc., and sure the comb is one of the effective tools to get rid of your lice and its eggs.

In order to get your head lice problem totally eliminated, you should choose to repeat the selected treatment process and in any normal infestation, you may have to wait for at least 3 to 4 weeks to see a hair free of any head lice.



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