Knowing the Effective Methods for Removing Head Louse and Nits

Out of the various disturbing things in life, head lice menace is one that many people dread and get desperate to get rid of them. Presence of head lice can leave persons irritated, embarrassed, agitated and restless. Many sleepless nights can make people desperate and look for immediate cure.Many people who are in the initial stages of infestation wrongly identify the nits as dandruff and resort to dandruff treatment where as a treatment for head lice could have saved them from head lice menace.


By the time they realize the real problem, they would have already lost many sleepless nights and faced many embarrassing situations.
Neem and Neem Products as an Effective Home Made Remedy for Head Louse and Nit.You may be even surprised to hear that there are many home made remedies for your head lice and nit problem.Neem and neem products are one of such immediately available house hold remedies, which you can rely on.

The botanical name of neem tree is Azadirachta indica and the various parts of the neem tree such as leaves, twigs have medicinal properties similar to the mahogany species. For an effective cure against the head lice and nit problem what all you need is nothing more than a bucket of water and a good amount of neem leaves or twigs.

Take around two to three liters of water in a container and put a good amount of neem leaves into water and boil until the quantity gets reduced to ¾ th quantity. Remove the container from the stove once the water turns into a slightly thicker consistency. Let it cool and apply the cooled water-neem contents on your head and leave for two hours. If possible do up your hair and cover with a towel or shower cap. At the end of two hours all the head lice and nits on your head would have died and you can remove them by using a finer head louse comb.

The medicinal properties of neem leaves can fight against a major number of parasites including head lice and hence you can use this house hold remedy for getting rid of the head lice problem. A simple wash with neem leaves soaked water subsequently can help you in not contracting the head lice menace again.

Many parasitic insects including head lice never tolerate the smell and taste of neem and hence the hair that has been washed with neem soaked water will be free of any head lice.Using neem leaves for managing your head lice menace is one of the easiest available homemade remedies and it is also the natural way and easiest one without any side effects.



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