How to Ascertain Presence of Head Louse

Presence of head lice is a deplorable health related issue and in the event of your contracting or your children contracting head lice from any source, then the situation needs immediate attention for effective removal of all the head lice. After any treatment you should be in a position to check whether all the head lice had been effectively removed and there are few easy steps or methods with which you can confirm the presence of head lice.


Checking for the Presence of Head Louse

All the while you may be wondering to know how to check for the presence of head lice on your head or on your child’s head and the comforting news is that there are indeed few easy methods with which you can find out whether you or your children are afflicted with head lice problem.

At the first instance look for any dandruff like particles that are either attached to the hair strands or attached over the scalp area. The eggs that are laid by hair lice look similar to that of dandruff and you must first rule out the possibility that the same is in fact dandruff and not the unhatched eggs of head lice.

In order to check your child’s head for any head louse, make your child to sit in a comfortable position where there will be sufficient light. Use a comb and open up your child’s hair using a slow combing motion. Look between the hair strands for any presence of hair louse.

Normally, the hair louse will be light dark in color and not bigger than the sesame seed and hence you need to be more attentive while looking for the hair louse. Any child will have at least 10 to 20 fully-grown head lice at a time and as they move swiftly between the hair strands, you may have to give a keen look to identify them on your child’s head.

Under normal circumstances, head live stay close to scalp and where the hair growth is more and thick. For example, head louse will stay in areas of scalp behind ears, back of the neck and on top of head. Hence, if you start your “combing” action from these areas first, the chances of your identifying the head lice will be bright, if at all they are present on your child’s head.

The moment you identify any head lice, even it may be one, you should immediately take your child to a doctor and seek treatment method to ward off the head lice totally. When it comes to treatment method there are many treatments including modern treatments, or a natural remedy, or few other alternative therapies for getting rid of the head lice menace.

Sure the presence of head lice is an unhealthy situation besides the frustrating, embarrassing and irritating experience. And you can choose one from the various available options to get the head lice exterminated from the head totally.



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