A Simple Abridged Guide on Head Louse and Treatment Methods

Head louse is a becoming a major concern for many younger children and the parents alike. Head lice are capable of spreading fast to other persons, especially in closed groups and to other people in social gatherings where people used to mingle freely. Hence head lice menace is a concern for almost all people including children, parents, teachers, guardians, etc.


The moment you identify head lice on your child’s head, your first endeavour should be to get the head lice menace driven out from your child’s head as well as from other family members’ heads. Head lice are tiny parasitic creatures and the tiny size makes the elimination process little difficult, but there are various ways and means with which you can eradicate the head lice menace totally.

Identifying the Presence of Head Lice Menace

You can easily establish presence of head lice on your child’s head by observing their behaviour. Children will scratch their heads often due to itching caused by head lice and they will scratch different areas at different points of time indicating movement of adult head lice within the hair.

Take a closer look and it is preferable to use a comb for your combing operation.Open apart your child’s hair with a comb and as you comb down the hair look for presence of any nits, which is nothing but the eggs of head lice.

They stay attached to the hair strands just above the scalp area and to ensure that they are in fact the eggs, you can gently hold one and try to slide it along the hair. If you are not able to slide it easily, then what you hold between your fingers is the nit indeed and your child is no doubt infested with head lice menace.

Adult head lice move very swiftly between hair strands and hence it is not easy to find them or catch them. In order to find the presence of any grown head lice on your child’s head, you can use conditioner and comb method in which you will be applying the conditioner thoroughly on the hair and combing down from top using a finer comb like LiceMeister comb. Now you may be able to see few adult head lice and few nits, as such combs can catch and dislodge adult head lice from hair and draw them out.

Killer Treatment for Head Louse

The moment you identify few nits or head lice on your child’s head, then you should never be complacent in starting the treatment. If it is the first time you are trying any head lice treatment on your child, then you can try few of the chemical based treatment methods that can give you wonderful results within minutes.

However, you can make doubly sure for the presence of head lice by resorting to various methods such as combing or using conditioners, etc., before you could resort to chemical based treatment methods. In case the head lice infestation is not for the first time, then you can use other options such as home remedies, manual removal, etc.

Head Lice and Immunity Development

A recent study has revealed that head lice is also capable of joining other elite group of insects that have developed immunity or resistance to various treatments. It is possible for the head lice to develop immunity if you use any of the treatment methods irresponsibly and you should note to change the methods and change the ingredients in your home made remedies so as to have an effective treatment and to avoid head lice from developing resistance to treatments.



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