Don't Ignore This Valuable Information about Head Louse

Head lice infestation is not a health related issue, but it is a serious matter with regard to the inconvenience, embarrassment and the frustration it can cause in persons. Presence of head lice can be irritating and the afflicted people feel very embarrassed and may become desperate to find out ways and means to get rid of the menace at the earliest possible.A good knowledge about the various factors involving head lice can come very handy in eradicating them whenever you catch few head lice on your head unknowingly.


Basic Information about Head Louse

To know and understand better what you read about head louse, you should first get to know few of the basic information about the species itself.Head louse is fundamentally an insect of parasitic nature and thrives on human blood.

These tiny wingless creatures make human head as their living place and suck blood from scalp area for their food. Head lice problem is more common among children due to their frequent mingling in schools and other social places and sure the head lice problem will be a disgusting one for any person, be it male or female, young or adults.

Head lice are not normally involved in spreading any diseases, but the presence can make the person irritated and embarrassed and the person will be driven to extremes in their search for head lice cure. Head lice spread fast to other members of the family and to other persons through shared combs and barrettes. People used to look down at younger children who have been infested with head lice are these children also stand to be instrumental in spreading the problem to their classmates.

Identifying Infestation on Your Child

Identifying whether your child is having head lice or not is in fact very easy, as there are many ways and means with which you can ascertain presence of head lice on your child’s head. Children having head lice on their heads will frequently scratch their heads due to itching and they will be scratching different areas of their heads at different points of time indicating movement of adult head lice over the head.

First, you can open apart your child’s hair with a comb and as you comb down the hair, you can look for presence of any dandruff like particles attached to hair strands, which may be the nits or the unhatched eggs of head lice. Unhatched eggs will be very small and slightly dark in color and once they are hatched the shell will turn out to be white in color.

Adult female head louse lay its eggs on the hair strand just one or two centimeters above the scalp area. Female head lice choose this area for it is the perfect location that has the perfect temperature to foster the eggs until they hatch into nymphs. When you have a close look at your child’s hair and scalp area, you can find the nits and it will resemble more or less like dandruff.

In the event of your identifying any of the dandruff like matter, then you must first ensure that the matter is indeed the dandruff but if happens to be nits, then you should never lose time in resorting to some treatment for getting rid of the head lice problem.



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