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The moment you identify few head lice on your head, it is enough for you to get irritated and become desperate to look for an immediate cure. Head lice menace sure is an embarrassing situation as you tend to scratch your head often due to itching caused by movement of head lice and its blood sucking act.


Normally head lice stay in areas where hair growth is thick and as the hair growth is thick at areas behind ears and at back of the neck area, you will be feeling itching sensation in these areas to start with. However, once the head lice invade the entire head area, you will be at the end of your wits due to itching caused all over the head.

Recognizing Presence of Head Lice

If you are an adult, then the following explanations or signs can help you to decide whether or not you have been infested with head lice.

• Your initial itching on scalp will start from areas behind your ear and/or at back of neck area and despite your frequent shampooing of your hair, you may still continue to experience itching

• You may feel a sudden pricking feeling similar to a mosquito bite, but when you scratch or feel the area you may not find anything unusual.

• Due to the physical movement of head lice within your hair strands, you will have a feeling that something is crawling on your head and this will get repeated very often making you restless.

• You can notice small dandruff like materials on your hair especially in areas behind your ears or at the nape of the neck area. If you can rule out the possibility of it being the dandruff, then it is the nits for sure.

• Some times you may develop little red spots in your forehead or at the nape of the neck and/or around your cheeks for the reason that head lice may sometimes get down and try out few bites in these areas too.

Can You Really Refrain Head Lice from Coming Back?

Today, market is flooded with head lice treatments, both chemical and herbal, but almost all of them are very effective in killing the lice and not the nits. Your prime aim is to eradicate the entire population of these parasitic creatures and to achieve this you must first remember few vital aspects.

Any treatment is good enough to kill the lice instantly, but the unharmed nits will eventually hatch in a week’s time and start a fresh batch of nymphs again. The nymphs or the baby lice that emerge from eggs are very small and you are not likely to identify them on your head. This fresh batch of head lice will take over the job of their dead ancestors and you will start wondering whether you can really kill head lice at all.

The eggs have an incubation period of 7 days only and hence you should take up a treatment schedule to kill all nits immediately after your first treatment for killing the lice. You should lose no time in taking the second treatment to kill nits and it should be done immediately, preferably the next day after the initial treatment.

Use an effective nit killing treatment such as neem paste or petroleum jelly. Though you can also use the specialized fine toothed comb for physical removing of nits, it is a laborious method but it can prove to be effective for sure.


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